Foremost a Building Science Consultant, this whole-home system thinking approach acknowledges the interconnectedness of building systems and the role each plays in optimal home performance.

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Real Estate Inspections


An infrared camera can indicate moisture, missing insulation, air leakage, and other mysteries hidden to the naked eye.

Aerial Photography

A ladder will get you a view from the roof, but a drone will you a birds eye view of the roof and everything around it.


Some amount of radon is present in most homes. The real question is how much.


If you are looking forward to having a garden, know before you grow with a nutrient profile or contaminants test.

Lead & Asbestos

Not every older home has it, but if it does it’s good to know.


Building Performance

Moisture Diagnosis

Moisture issues can appear mysteriously from elusive sources. Through sound building science principles and specialized tools accurately diagnosing the cause avoids just treating the symptoms.

Air Leakage Diagnosis (Blower Door & Duct Blaster)

Unmanaged air movement is the primary cause of poor building performance. Specialized equipment quantifies and locates undesirable air leakage.

Long Term Radon Measurement

While the source of radon is well understood the variability of natural levels in your home is only known through long-term testing, conducted for a minimum of 90 days.

Air Quality Monitoring

We end up spending a lot of time inside our homes but usually know more about the outside air quality than our indoor air quality. A few weeks of indoor air quality data can help inform simple yet meaningful changes for occupant health.

Energy Audit

Knowing how your home uses energy and when is a powerful tool towards your home performance goals.


Real Estate Agents

Create Request List

Keeping track of requested repairs just got easier. Check it out!

Supra Lock Access

Making property access and scheduling a little faster for everyone.

Green Homes

There are some unique features to Green Homes, this where a green building background makes the difference.

Solar (Thermal & Photovoltaic)

Being NABCEP Certified and veteran of the solar industry means no need for another inspector.

Historic & Older Homes

Every home has a story, some homes need a house whisper to hear the story told.

HomeGauge Digital Reports

No carbon paper reports here, but printing is still an option..


Returning for repair verification is not a problem.

Single-Item Inspections

Sometimes there is just that one thing that needs a good looking over.

Full Time Inspector

Look forward to consistent reliable inspections from a committed full time home inspector.