What is a Home Energy Audit?

Infrared Thermography reading of a home's picture windows

Is your house drafty? Are your utility bills higher than you'd like? Thinking about upgrading to a new heating or cooling system?

Energy audits to demystify how your home uses energy with prioritized guidance on how to not only lower utility bills but improve comfort, occupant health and durability. ‍

Tailored to each client's unique needs an energy audit involves experienced observation of a home or commercial property with diagnostic tools and equipment to provide prioritized cost effective guidance on ways to improve efficiency, comfort and occupant health.

• Infrared thermography can evaluate opportunities for improved insulation of areas that may be otherwise concealed like behind walls, ceilings and floors. It can even bring attention to moisture, electrical and pest issues.

• Blower Door & Duct Leakage Testing accurately quantify and locate drafts and undesirable air infiltration. Knowing where the problem is means getting to an affordable permanent solution fast.

• Utility Bills & Energy Analysis helps shed light on how energy is being used and where cost effective improvements like equipment repair or replacement might be considered.

• Visual Inspection identifies inexpensive and behavior changes that can make a big difference in how your home feels and how well it works.

• Combustion Safety carbon monoxide poisoning can be a serious fatality risk in some homes.

• Diagnostic testing ensures that building conditions won't cause combustion back-drafting.

 Incentives are available in the form of utilities rebates and tax credits.

• Our reports demystify the process of helping get improvements paid for.

• Moisture Issues, among many other causes, can be the result of poor insulation and air leakage. We can accurately diagnose the cause so you don't have to keep managing the symptoms.

• Pests in your home can be avoided with sealing up entry points like gaps and cracks. When lady bugs, stink bugs, etc. take over your home sealing up the holes often works better that treating it with poison.

• Air Quality can be dramatically improved with building envelope improvements identified through an energy audit that addresses areas where unhealthy air from crawl spaces and attics mix with living areas in your home.

• Comfort issues in homes rarely have to do with your windows and more often have to do with other much more affordable opportunities for improvement.

• Sound Reduction of outside noises is one of the less known benefits that come with making building envelope improvements.

Energy Audits are ideal when planning for heating/cooling repair, replacement or modifications; if you are planning renovations; or if you are experiencing comfort issues and high power bills. Here's an idea of what to expect on the day of your energy audit.

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