Re-siding Your Home This Year? Energy Home Inspection Participates with Federal Insulation Study

House Siding with Text: "Re-siding Your Home This Year?"

The U.S. Department of Energy is conducting a study on exterior continuous rigid insulation added to re-siding projects. That means that if you are considering re-siding your home this year, you may be able to participate, and you could receive free insulation and air sealing that is worth an average of $4,000 per home.

Energy Home Inspection has been contracted to collect field data for the study. Each home's performance is evaluated before and after improvements to collect data on energy use, air leakage, thermal comfort, and noise reduction.

"I am proud to be participating in this study," says the owner and founder of Energy Home Inspection Jonathan Gach. "Research like this brings improved building materials to the market so we can have healthier, more comfortable, and more affordable places to live. Getting to participate in this type of work is an exciting opportunity to be an active part of industry progress."

Gach says that this study is worth checking out if you are already considering re-siding your home soon. "There are only so many opportunities to get free home upgrades and participate in federally funded building research projects. Other than the obvious benefit of the free insulation upgrade, participants will likely improve their home's comfort and efficiency." 

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