Make Your Home More Efficient With Clean Energy Tax Credits

Image of Jonathan Gach in front of his truck. Image reads "We can help you take Advantage of 2023 Tax Credits for Home Energy Audits! You can save 30% of cost, up to $150."

2023 means updated tax credits that seriously benefit consumers who are ready to make their homes more efficient, and Energy Home Inspection can help you take advantage of them!

Starting this year, consumers are seeing big tax credits not only for home clean electricity products like solar panels but also for efficient heating, cooling, and water heating and efficiency upgrades.

How does Energy Home Inspections help? For the first time, Home Energy Audits are included in the credits. You can save up to 30% of the cost or up to $150. We can help you take advantage of this program, and we can provide the paperwork you'll need to claim the credit on your taxes.

Not only that, but with the information gleaned from your home audit, you can prioritize and make informed decisions on the improvements needed to make your home safe and as efficient and comfortable as possible.

You can read about the tax credits here. Be sure to check out who is eligible and any limits if you are considering making a lot of upgrades all at once.

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