Energy Home Inspection Building Diagnostics

A picture of home inspection diagnostic tools.

Treating sick buildings is my passion. Even after evaluating thousands of properties, I never get bored of the challenge and what unique conditions I might observe. Just like we become accustomed to how we feel, some people get used to how their home works.

My greatest sense of accomplishment is when people realize their home can be more comfortable, affordable, and healthy, and in doing so that it will also make them feel better.

Energy Home Inspection's diagnostic services are sought after by those who are having trouble getting their home to behave.

Sometimes there is an elusive moisture issue that no one has quite been able to figure out. Other times it is high utility bills or spaces that are hard to keep comfortable. For some, they discover that their home is making them sick.

Generally, my clients contact me when they become aware of an issue that they need help troubleshooting.

Most of the time I get brought in after no one else has been able to fix the problem, and the homeowner and a couple of contractors have already implemented home fixes that have failed.

Home diagnostics is all about being able to address the cause of a problem instead of managing symptoms.

Most often my clients are struggling with comfort, indoor air quality, or durability issues.

Commercial property diagnostic services are nearly the same as residential services. Sometimes the difference is the way I collect data and interpret it based on the type of building and how it is used.

Experience, attention to detail, and accurate data collection with specialized tools are what make for good building diagnostics.

Sometimes this means leaving air quality monitors in office spaces to learn more about what types of sources might be affecting indoor air quality. Other diagnostic tools include a blower door or duct blaster to determine if a building or ductwork is leaky. Infrared thermography can be used to identify missing insulation, moisture, and air leakage.

If you are having a stubborn problem with your home or business that you need help troubleshooting, get in touch!