Asheville Home Inspections: What Homebuyers Need to Know

Picture of a beautiful wooded lake view from a on top of a tall deck staircase.

How should homebuyers find a home inspector in the Asheville area?

Generally, homebuyers connect with their home inspectors through online research or a recommendation from their realtor or friend. It’s important to make sure that the home inspector you work with is trained and knowledgeable about the specific needs of the home and future homeowners.

Since Energy Home Inspection is building science-focused, we get to provide information that clients are looking for to help make their homes healthy, comfortable, durable, and affordable.

Sometimes these are new green building features, and other times they’re historic homes with complicated modern upgrades.

What are commonly overlooked issues with homes in the Asheville area?

Issues related to moisture are among the most important conditions to observe for many reasons.

Ultimately, homes that aren't able to manage moisture well don't perform well. This doesn't just mean a good roof and leak-free pipes.

Unfortunately, elusive sources of moisture often get overlooked. For example, poorly sealed and poorly insulated ductwork can cause unmanaged condensation to create rot and mold. No matter what home inspector you hire, you should be sure they plan to thoroughly inspect the home for “hidden” causes of moisture to be sure that your home won’t cause any unwanted surprises down the line!

What services do you offer that most local home inspectors don't offer?

A home inspection goes a long way towards learning about the condition of a property, but just like a test drive does not let you experience everything you should expect from a new car purchase, home inspections are a limited visual inspection of a home at a point in time.

Energy Home Inspection is sought after as providing services both visual and diagnostic that inform property owners about how they can expect their home to perform over time.

As Building Science experts, we view the home as a complex system of interconnected workings, which enables us to diagnose complex building issues. At Energy Home Inspection, we help homebuyers make informed decisions so their new homes can last a generation.