Jonathan inspecting a furnace

Many home inspectors get their license after a career in a building-related trade. Often in addition to their inspection license, they also hold other designations. Considered a specialized generalist, Jonathan’s path to starting his own home inspection business has been similar to others, but he is known for what makes him unique among other inspectors.

Foremost a Building Science expert Jonathan’s trade knowledge is applied towards viewing the home, not unlike the human body, as a complex system of interconnected workings. Finding himself diagnosing complex building issues. Clients have put value to his intuitive understanding of building performance. When Jonathan is called upon to investigate a building, specialized diagnostic tools are utilized to collect data to make informed decisions and verify positive impacts.

What some consider a deficiency, others may consider an opportunity for improvement. Jonathan believes that everything can be fixed. In the ultimate expression of Jonathan's interests, expertise, and passions he bought a 130-year-old home in Saluda, NC where he can be found most weekends deep into projects with his wife and son.

NC License 4255

SC License 49848

NABCEP & BPI Certified

Licensed Drone Pilot