Asheville Home Inspections

Energy Home Inspection offers services across Western North Carolina and upstate South Carolina.

Real estate home inspectors and expert building science consultants, we are a one-stop shop for commercial and residential building diagnostics.

Asheville Real Estate Home Inspections

Real Estate Inspections

If you or your client is purchasing or selling a home or commercial space, schedule a real estate inspection today! We coordinate pest inspections, well & septic inspections and more, saving you time and the headache of reaching out to multiple inspectors.

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Asheville Building Diagnostics

Building Diagnostics

For those looking to know about the performance of their home, we offer specialized services like air leakage diagnostics, mold testing, infrared thermography, evaluation of mechanical systems and more.

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Energy Audits & Building Checkups

Keeping up with a property is an ongoing endeavor. Prioritize durable, cost-effective opportunities for improvement focused on addressing the cause instead of managing symptoms. We can help you with comfort issues, dust, moisture, mold, pest issues and more. This service is popular among those planning maintenance or renovations!

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Meet Jonathan Gach, Energy Home Inspection Founder

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An obsession turned profession.

Our clients come to us seeking resources and information to make informed decisions about operating, maintaining and improving their home and commercial properties. We use diagnostic tools and experienced observation to document property conditions, diagnose performance issues and provide a report of prioritized opportunities for improvement. This is done through an intimate understanding of how buildings work as systems to create the most comfortable, durable and safe spaces. 


“Jonathan provided common sense, digestible explanations of the home’s integrity and of the possible issues we were facing.”
- Kyle Sherard


"Jonathan has great communication skills and knows how to explain everything to me or clients in a way that people understand. I strongly recommend him."
- Ana Lilburn, Realtor


“Jonathan is a very detail oriented individual that really knows his stuff. He left no stone unturned and brought to my attention repairs that were essential to my home.”
- Henry Parmalee

Western North Carolina Home Inspector

List of counties and cities served by Energy Home Inspection, including Buncombe County, North Carolina; Haywood County, North Carolina; McDowell County, North Carolina; Transylvania County, North Carolina; Henderson County, North Carolina; Polk County North Carolina; Rutherford County North Carolina; Cleveland County, North Carolina; Asheville and Saluda.

Based in Saluda, North Carolina 

We serve: 

Buncombe County

Haywood County

McDowell County

Transylvania County

Henderson County

Polk County

Rutherford County

Cleveland County






Rainwater Collection System

New Windows...are they Worth the Pane?

Replacing your home's windows may not be worth the money.

Rainwater Collection System

Saluda's Historic Homes have Stories to Tell

Energy Home Inspection specializes in inspecting historic homes.

Rainwater Collection System

Maintenance Inspections

You've got a friend who likes to explore the attic or crawl space in your home that you have been avoiding.

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